kugelschreiber auf faxpapier, fotografie

"beweglich I" is the output of a collaboration work during the Nomadic Art Camp 2014 with the focus on actions and movements within time and space. It is a combination of two different and complementary kinds of drawings: once the seismographic movement of a person performing an action and once a draft of the same person with her specific posture. The drawings are shown as pairs beside each other, each one on a long paper sheet. Through the combination of figurative and abstract information, the work is creating a third image sphere between the two, enabling every recipient to individually picture the described action taking place in time and space.

The photo series "beweglich II" consists of five images focusing on the main acting body unit: the hands. By applying another medium, the work offers a different approach to the main topic of attention.

the works were exhibited in the gapar aitiev kyrgyz national museum of fine arts. project from Б’Art Contemporary.

collaboration with debora schär